Packing ideas for when you are on the move

January 16, 2020

Smart packing tips from A to Z when storing your belongings

Avoid the usual mistakes and take good care of your things while storing them.

Before you start

#1. Clean-up

If you have time, you may want to take a proper review of what you actually need to keep and not. The less you have to move, the less time and money it takes. 

What you absolutely do not need to keep can be given away through Fretex or uploaded to Finn and stored until it is sold or retrieved.

#2. Packaging equipment

Check that you have all the packing equipment available before you start. The main thing is bubble wrap, gaffateip, newspaper, moving boxes, carpets, marking sand and suitcases or bags you have to spare. Remember that towels, blankets, blankets and bed linen are perfect to use for wrapping, not to mention more environmentally friendly. Before you buy something new, it's smart to check with family and friends if they have something that can be borrowed or they'll give away!

#3. Find the right size of your warehouse

Before booking a storage unit, it's smart to know what size you need. As a rule, you think you need more space than you really do. But if you're going to use the storage space regularly, it's smart with a little more space so you have decent access when you're going to get things. 

To find out whatssize  you need, you can use our size calculator. Sign up and you can browse our different warehouse departments and work out how big stock you need. 

The package process

#4. Pack your things in moving boxes

Packing smaller things in moving boxes creates order and overview and will also make it much easier to take advantage of the space in your storage booth. The boxes should be solid and the same size for lighter stacking. Pack them full, but not too heavy. It's smart to keep them below 20-25kg so they're easier to move. 

#5. Pack soft things in vakum bags for more space

Vakum bags for the softer and more compressible things (such as duvets, towels, decorative pads etc.) will save you a lot of space that would otherwise go with to air. If you don't have access to vakum bags, these soft things can easily be packed in (recyclable) garbage bags. 

#6. Wrap fragile things into bubble wrap or carpets

Whether it's glass, mirrors or other shattering things, this might be 'obvious', and then you may want to pack the items separately to be on the safe side. But there are actually many things that can take advantage of being wrapped a little extra in. 

For example, it is smart to wrap the table legs and sofa legs in bubble wrap, as these parts are often prone to bumping into things and damaged during moving. The same applies to pointed corners on cabinets and bedside tables etc. Mirrors and images should be wrapped in boxea or bubble wraps, then marked 'fragile' and put on edge.   

#7. Take good care of sports equipment 

Things made of metal may need corrosion protection so that it doesn't rust. 

#8. Exploit "the air"

Drawers on chests of drawers can be filled up with smaller things like cutlery and decorations for optimal utilization of space. Remember to protect the fragile things by wrapping them in bubble wraps, towels or blankets. Whether you have suitcases or bags, these are perfect for packing clothes. 

#9. Wash or dry over furniture and things before putting it to storage

You will certainly appreciate that things are clean and fresh when you are going to use them after extended periods in storage. In addition, you avoid the dirt spreading to your other things in the storage unit.

Keep track while packing

#10. Use the inventory list in the Flexistore app

By actively using the flexistore app inventory list where you can take photos and name your things, you'll have a full overview of what's in the storage unit at all times. Thus, you do not have to go to the facility to look, but rather plan in advance. 

#11. Mark the boxes well

Name all boxes after what they contain, after season, room or area of use. This will make things much easier for you when you're going to lock for- and unpack things later. Mark the boxes on every side so they're easy to find even if someone else handles your transport and storaging.

#12. Create a system and pack after this

There are endless systems and categories one can pack in to make things more organized. Read our five smart solutions to get more order.

To save the

If you don't use our transport options and moving assistance,where professionals move into your storage unit for you, you can follow these tips and tricks when you store your stuff in the unit.

#13. Place heavy things at the bottom/innermost

Most likely, the heavier things are not what you need in the immediate future. By placing the largest and heaviest furniture at the inside, you can easily stack other lighter things and boxes on top, thereby utilizing the storage unit better 

It is important not to place heavy things on top of sofas and mattresses, so that the feathers do not get damaged. Rather, place these on edge to protect them while also making more room for other things.

#14. Place things you think you use most

This will make it easy to find when you arrive at your storage unit. If you use some things regularly, it's a good idea to put this out of the way so you don't have to look for or repack when it should be picked up either by you or others.

#15. Do not overfill the warehouse

It's smart to take advantage of the space you pay for, but if you're going to use the storage room as a more permanent storage and not just a moving storage for a short period of time, you'll benefit from not filling the storage unit to the brim. Some space to go in and be able to see what's stacked around will make it much easier to find and get what you need. 

#16. Use the Flexistore trolley

In our facilities you have access to trolleys that can help you move things straight from the entrance and all the way to the storage unit. 

Please contact us if you have any questions!

We are available on chat, email or phone if you should have any questions or need help with the packing and moving process!       

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