Get more order in life - 5 smart solutions

October 31, 2019

5 smart ways of organising your storage space

It's always time to get a little more order in life. 

People categorize and organize things very differently. What most people have in common is that we store things we don't always need on what is often a kind of ' Rotea '. Whether it is a specific room in the apartment or part of the garage, things become standing in the road and it gathers up to the root that can provide headaches. 

There is no doubt that an external storage unit is a benefit, but also this can grow to be an extension of your messy room at home. It becomes easy to forget what you have stored away and to keep track of what is in every box and bag. 

Flexistore has an ambition to be an active warehouse, where we encourage you to know exactly what you have in your storage at all times, and therefore also use these things more often or give them a new life. It is therefore possible to create an inventory list in the app with photos of everything you put in your storage to have complete overview at all times 

We know that people like to categorize in different ways according to personal needs, and we have therefore gathered a list of how different ways you can organize your storage or just your own mess if you still keep this in your home or garage. 

Below are four different ways you can organize your storage unit, or just your stuff to get more order in life.

1. Season to season

If you are an equipment fanatic or just very fond of being out in the wild as many Norwegians, organizing things by season and activity is a good idea. The need for different sporting equipment and apparel changes based on season and time of year. 

Here you can divide into as many categories as you want. It is smart to collect what you use in winter, such as ski equipment, winter clothing and sledges, and what you use in the summer such as bathing equipment, lighter outdoor clothing and floating vests for your boat. 

It can also be worthwhile to organize by activities and trips one does at different times of the year, and simply pack after camping trip, ski holiday, beach holidays and city weekends.

If you notice that some of the equipment isn't used very often, you can easily lend it away by sharing keys to your Flexistore storage right in the app. 

2. Applicability

The most common and perhaps most convenient way to organize your storage is by what it's used for. Kitchen utensils in a box, outdoor clothing in another and one for the Christmas decorations. However, there are some things that have multiple usage areas, and there can be many boxes or bags of different subjects. 

Then it's okay to be extra diligent on marking to know what you have placed where. Or you can upload everything in our inventory in the app where you can have a full view of what you have where with photos. 

If you want to do a clean up at home, it's a good idea to gather things this way. When you actually see how much footwear, how many raincoats or how many unused photo frames you have then it's easier to get rid of. There is no one who has the desire to be a collector, but there are many out there who could have been categorized as one!

3. Room for room

Are you in the midst of the moving process or storing belongings and furniture in a storage unit while you are refurbishing? Use your boxes smartly and pack your things from the room they belong to. By organizing things by room, you can easily retrieve it again as room for room finishes in the cleaning or the move. 

Another advantage of organizing by room is that you often remember what you have had in which room and therefore have a better idea of what you have saved. There, the Flexistore app inventory can come in handy and help you have a full overview. 

4. Recycle according to what you want to sell, give away and keep

Whatever the reason for why you are paving or wrapping things up, our best tips are to sort out for recycling. Pack things by what you want to sell further, what you want to give away to Fretex or someone who needs it more, and what you want to keep a little more. 

A good rule of thumb is that if you haven't thought about the garment or furniture for over two months, it's time to pass on.

Find your storage boxes and mark them according to what you want to keep, what you want to give away, what you can ' re-marry ', what can be discarded and recycled, and what you can sell. You can always try to post things you want to sell on find and keep it in your booth until it is sold. If it's not sold in a month it's probably okay to give it away. 

Having less “stuff” and mess around you can actually feel very liberating and give you more space to live. You can read more about this here.

5. By family member

If you are a family where everyone has a bit of each that should be stored away for periods of time, it is smart to give each family member their own boxes where everyone can put the things they want to save. It can also give an indication of who in the family who strongest need to get rid of some things.

By sharing the digital keys in the Flexistore app with your family, everyone has access to the storage booth and can store and retrieve things as they wish. If the items in the booth have already been sorted by each person, this suddenly goes much faster and more agile. 

The possibilities are endless

There are endless ways to organize your inventory and its clutter, and the most important thing is to have a certain system and a good overview of what you are packing where. With the inventory you create in the Flexistore app, you can at all times see what you have in your storage booth and make it even easier for yourself to have a complete view. 

Our final tip is to always have a few boxes labeled ' Give away after 30 days ', with cases and things you don't use often enough and are considering giving on to charity. It may feel good to get rid of redundant things and at the same time do a good deed for the environment and those who have a little less. 

Do you need a storage unit to organize your belongings?

Check out our best storage unit prices here or download the Flexistore app in the App Store/Google Play Store to see all prices and available sizes. In the app you can easily book, pay for and access your own storage unit. With digital keys you get immediate access to your storage facility and you can move your stuff into the storage at your convenience.

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