Save money and the environment

September 3rd, 2019

How to preserve the environment and save money at the same time - sharing, recycling and minimisation with self storage.

Climate change and environment preserving are topics that have been high up on the agenda worldwide the last years. We continuously experience bigger and more dangerous consequences of our way of living and use of resources. 

Luckily, many have understood the seriousness and urgency, which has led a lot of people taking steps towards a more sustainable and greener way of living. Advice and tricks on how to reduce your carbon footprint is everywhere to be found, both online and in real life.  

Nevertheless, we see that climate action can be expensive and the misconception of sustainable living being hard work, is widely spread. With a little creativity and planning, one can contribute to saving the environment whilst also saving money. Flexistore is striving to make this easier for everyone.

Here are the 4 things you can do to help save the environment whilst saving money:

1. Buy used instead of new

Vintage and second-hand stores have gained a lot of popularity over the last years. On Finn, Tise and in local vintage stores you can find handbags, furniture and clothing in excellent shape for a fraction of the price of what it would be was it new. You can also find sports gear such as kayaks, backpacks and trail shoes that often are not used more than a few times. By buying second hand, one contributes to less production which pollutes. Do this and you spare both the environment and your wallet from severe damage.

In Flexistore, we aim to facilitate the reuse, recycling and sharing of clothing, equipment and things that are no longer in use. Through our digital app, you can easily keep track of what you have in your storage unit through our inventory lists, so that you can have an overview of what it's time to give away or sell to a new owner. 

2. Share equipment with family and friends

The share trend is expanding quickly in Norway. To always buy everything new and fresh from the store will eventually be damaging for both the environment and your wallet.By sharing your equipment with others, you will be able to save money and spare nature from pollutant production and use of valuable resources. What about sharing your kayak and tent with your friends? Or your electric bicycle with the family? This is gear that is not being used most of the year. Share the costs when buying the equipment and negotiate when it should be used by every person involved. 

By storing this gear in a storage unit from Flexistore, you will free valuable space at home and it is super easy to pick up at the facility on your way to a vacation or a trip to the cabin. When the storage unit is reserved, you can easily share the access to your unit with other users, and they will then have easy access through the app on their own app. In our facility, we also have ski prepping equipment available for our customers. This makes it super easy for you to prepare your skis before fetching them from the storage for the winter.

3. Sell your own stuff

Whether you are saving money for your next vacation, something nice you want to buy yourself or simply want a little extra on your bank account, selling things you don’t use anymore is a great idea. It can be everything from clothing you are tired of, ski equipment the kids have grown out of or a BOMKJØP. Put out ads on Finn, Tise or Facebook. Chances are big that your things will come to good use by others. They will save money on buying second hand, you will earn money by selling and you will all contribute positively to the environment. Less production means less pollution. 

If you are in doubt of what you want to keep, store it in a unit at Flexistore for a while. If you haven’t used or even thought about these things for a few weeks or months, chances are you will most likely not use it again and it is time to get rid of it. The things you eventually decide to sell, can also be placed in a storage unit, and with the inventory list in the Flexistore app, you always have a total overview of what is stored in your init. You can also share access to your unit for a limited period with a potential buyer. 

4. Live smaller, be more environmentally friendly

Living in the city can oftentimes be a challenge in regards to space. Small kitchens, bathrooms and limited to no storage space is prominent. Nevertheless, living smaller is actually more environmentally friendly. Less trash and maintenance is equal to a smaller carbon footprint. 

If you struggle to find space for all your belongings at home, you should store all the things you use less often in a storage unit at Flexistore. Ski equipment, furniture, backpacks, books and child strollers etc.; we have storage units in all sizes for both short- and long term storage. This is also a good investment in terms of saving money on a smaller apartment. In a 2 sqm storage unit you can store 40 big moving boxes - Imagine how much that could mean space vise in a small apartment.

Do you need a storage unit for a period of time?

Check out our best prices on storage here or download the Flexistore app in the App Store/Google Play Store to see all prices and available sizes. In the app you can easily reserve, pay and access your own storage unit. With digital keys you get instant access to your storage facility and you can move your stuff into the storage unit whenever it suits you! 

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