5 tips for quarantine activities

March 31, 2020

5 productive (and unproductive) things you can spend your quarantine time on

The last few weeks have been strongly characterized by the coronavirus (Covid-19). We must follow the government's advice to keep our distance, wash our hands and stay at home as much as possible. The measures that have been put in place have somehow affected us all. Whether we have to work longer days, have a home office or simply suddenly have plenty of time to spare.

For many of us, there will be plenty of time to relax and be at home, but why not make something productive out of the situation we are now in? Here are (5) productive things you can do from home:

1. Finally start a comprehensive spring cleaning

All the time you now have at home is a golden opportunity to take the most necessary spring cleaning. And here we are talking not only about washing the floor and door handles, but really organizing the house or apartment. 

Often we take far too long care of things that just stand unused and collect dust. We at Flexistore have found that the best solution is to divide things into different categories. Start with the wardrobe, continue to the clutter room and so on. Distribute things in different categories:

  1. What you will surely keep;
  2. What you can give borth or sell;
  3. What can be recycled;
  4. And what you're still a little unsure if you can let go.

When you're done, you'll easily be able to put things back more organized and tidy. Read more about how you can organize your stuff on our blog.  

Maybe a lot of things and clothes are seasonal or you simply don't use it that often? You can place this in a storage room at Flexistore, so you avoid unnecessary clutter and space use at home. Download our app, reserve a booth and get instant access with digital keys. 

If you are in quarantine, this is not a problem, as our transport operators can transport your belongings to the warehouse without the need to leave home! Pack the things clear and put it outside the door and we'll take care of the rest. Our experience is that you will feel lighter and more organized as soon as you get away from redundant things and cleaned your home. 

2. Make diet planner or explore new dishes

Have you long thought that you should eat less meat, or maybe you've wanted to try out vegan life, or have you already vegan noticed that you need more fiber or B12 in your diet? If you have a little extra time available in quarantine, you can now sit down and analyse your diet, and explore new and exciting vegetarian dishes! 

What we eat has a big impact on how our body feels, and now you have the chance to set aside extra time to consider new dishes and dietary habits that make everyday life a little easier. 

3. Don't do much, or find activities for peace of mind

It is also important to remember that this time does not have to be overly productive, and one can also use the quarantine time to really relax and finally take some time off from the otherwise quite hectic everyday life. Many people use this time to take up hobbies such as painting, knitting and reading. What gives you peace of mind? 

Maybe there are some books you've had on your reading list for a long time, or do you have any acrylic paint in the closet you haven't used in a long time? Use this time to completely relax and stress down from everyday life where we often feel the expectations of doing both one and the other, often at the same time. 

4. Training program

It can be a challenge to get the restlessness out if you're stuck at home all day. Fortunately, it doesn't take too much to get this energy out through exercise. The best part is that you don't need any other training equipment than yourself. You can use your body weight or, for example, use kitchen wipes or wool socks for extra glide and an additional challenge. Fill a backpack with water bottles or other heavy things for extra weight. A good 30-minute session occasionally will surely be felt on the body.  

If you don't have too much space at home, you can also try out different yoga exercises. On Youtube there are many yoga exercises and lessons you can follow for free, here you can also find inspiration for short and effective fitness classes at home. 

5. Learn something new

It takes time to learn new things. This is precisely why this time is a golden opportunity for this. Have you always wanted to learn a new language or to stand on your hands? Use the free Duolingo app to effectively learn new languages and watch Youtube videos to see how to stand on your hands. Or maybe you'd rather learn to braid, or play chess? 

The possibilities are endless! With all this time, it's only your patience that sets boundaries.

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