Recycled and reused gift ideas for Christmas

December 5, 2019

5 recycled gifts for a more sustainable Christmas

Give away a very special gift this year – at a fraction of the cost

Finding the perfect Christmas gift or birthday present can be quite a challenge. What do you give to the nephees that continually grow out of their clothes or to the father who "has it all"? The worst trap many ports in is to buy something just to have something to give when the opportunity comes. The closer you get to the day, the more desperate people will be and therefore spend even more money on something that the person might not want right away. 

Why not give away something very special this year – which is also more environmentally friendly and often totally free? Give your things new life by giving it to someone who can put even more price on it!

The benefits of giving gifts that have been used are many. By avoiding buying new, you are helping to reduce polluting production, which is a great environmentalist in our days. We also often have a lot of things we don't need, and by giving it away we can make sure that they have a new purpose and are actually being used.

These are the gifts that mean a little more, are cheaper and more environmentally friendly. 

5 secondhand and recycled gift ideas: 

1. The favourite book

If you have read out one or more good books, you can pass them on to someone you know will appreciate good reading, or just that book. Write a greeting to the person on the first page, then it becomes even more unique. After a few years you may be able to count how many times the book has been passed on? 

2. Second hand or retro interior

Do you know anyone who is fond of interior or could have needed a new bedside table? Check your booth's inventory, look in your attic or explore a thrift store for something that could be a cool gift. If you have a little restemaling available you can give the furniture a quick refurbishment and make it truly unique! 

3. Board games or home-made Perudo

Board games are a favorite regardless of age! If you have no board games lying, you can always give a deck of instructions to cool card games, or collect enough dice and cups for your home team Perudo. 

4. Hiking equipment and experiences

Recreational equipment such as rainjackets and touring bags are easy to find just about unused on Finn, Tise or Fretex at a fraction of the price. Or maybe you have an extra lying? This can be a nice gift for someone who loves outdoor life, or the one you think should get out a little more often. 

Another idea for the Tourglade is a map with the character up routes you will go together, either on skis or on foot, during the next year. Maybe even overnight in a tent or hammock? One of the best gifts is unforgettable experiences. 

5. Second hand clothing and toys from the family for the children 

Do you remember how wonderful it was when an older family member came up with a bag of clothes and things they no longer wanted? Why can't this also be regarded as a gift? It is often much nicer if garments and toys have a history and have a new life with someone who may have more use for them. 

Many children also quickly get bored with their toys and too often they become standing almost unused. These can eventually be perfect gifts for younger family members or acquaintances, and are nevertheless more appreciated than in the storage booth or stowed away in the attic. 

An idea that leads to less clutter in the home, more order in life and even more sustainable present tradition is to have a ' spring cleaning ' before Christmas and find out the things you don't use very often. These can then be perfect gifts for someone who needs it more. 

If you find that you have a lot of things that are not used you can place this in a Flexistore storage room, and share your inventory with friends and familiar. Those who would like to give new life to things can easily share access to the repository with digital keys on mobile.

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