Sustainability strategy. Our path towards green storage.

At Flexistore, we are constantly working to find the greenest alternatives and have a goal of providing the most environmentally friendly and modern self storage solution in the Norway.


Vision 2021

UN sustainability benchmarks

Our vision for 2021 is to be the clear choice when it comes to choosing self storage based on environmental friendliness. It means to fully integrate our sustainability strategy with our sales and operations strategy, and ensure that we offer the most climate-friendly solution on every level of our operation.

This is easier said than done, and we already have many areas we have to improve on in order to call ourselves 'sustainable '. In any profit-based industry, integrating the concept of sustainability is a major challenge, if not contradictory. Yet we believe that we can help promote a stronger sharing economy and a better overview of the things we do not use very often and therefore can be given away, sold or borrowed.

Our Vision 2021 is to implement a thorough and thoughtful sustainability strategy that uses the United Nations sustainability goals as a framework for our own strategy. Image:

What we already do

  • We offer 100% climate compensated transport through Best Transport.
  • We encourage a stronger sharing economy through easy sharing of digital keys.
  • Our digital keys means the end of unnecessary expensive padlocks.
  • Our storage facilities are equipped with state of the art LED lighting that has motion sensors.
  • The app's inventory list makes it easy to keep track of what you have in your storage unit and can encourage sharing, reuse, and recycling.
  • We offer solutions to how you can best utilise your storage space in our blog. Read about recycling here.
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What we can do better

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  • Ensure that our projects always use 100% recyclable or renewable material.
  • Cut down on our carbon footprint with less international travel.
  • Offer more jobs in South Africa within the BEE initiative.

To be able to say that we prioritise sustainability, one of the most important measures is to recognise and admit your greatest improvement potential. One can argue that everyone – from individuals to international businesses – has improvement potential when it comes to environmental conservation, and by highlighting these they are easier to grasp. We aim to be the greenest alternative to self storage and believe that we can achieve this by implementing specific objectives and solutions to sustainable storage.

What our ambition is

  • Only use recycled and renewable material.
  • Make it even easier to recycle, share, and give away things you don't need through new technology and collaboration with other organisations.
  • Plant a tree per storage unit sold.
  • Be an active storage solution that reminds the customer what you can do with things you don't use.
  • Start a VTO (volunteer time off) system.
  • Offer 'fix-it-yourself ' stations in the storage facility.

As an innovative company focusing on new-thinking technology and storage solutions, we have high goals and dreams. One of these dreams is that our self storage should encourage more sharing, recycling and reuse of things we don't use very often.

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